Looking at your typical work day along with all of the tasks that require your personal attention and the tasks that could be done by someone other than yourself, then you will possibly notice that you are wasting a lot of much needed time. Duties like scheduling appointments, mailing letters, booking travel arrangements and smaller research jobs could all be done by another even if he or she is thousands of miles away from where you are. Let us introduce the Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistant services allow you to cut costs and boost savings by eliminating additional office space and equipment, business downtime, payroll taxes, employee benefits and agency fees.

Our Goal is to free up your time, increase your productivity and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

Most of our Clients are small enterprise owners who require additional help getting things done, work on a budget on a wide variety of available services such as:

  • Client Support ( Email-Call-Chat)
  • Basic Secretarial Work
  • Basic Office Administration
  • Transcription Services
  • Writing Business Communication & Reports
  • Create Newsletters
  • Prepare Presentations (PowerPoint)
  • Maintain Virtual Calendar
  • Arrange Appointments
  • Handle your Travel Reservations
  • Other things you may require plus more!
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Link Building Tasks
  • Internet Research

Virtual Assistant 10

  • 10 hrs / wk
  • + 10 FP ($ 39 Bonus Value)
  • with Rollover
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Virtual Assistant 20

  • 20 hrs / wk
  • + 20 FP ($ 79 Bonus Value)
  • with Rollover
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Virtual Assistant 40

  • 40 hrs / wk
  • + 30 FP ($ 119 Bonus Value)
  • with Rollover
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Filipinos are fluent in English and due to being exposed to the Western culture, they are easy to work with and easy to relate to. They are very pleasant and service-oriented. You can choose an assistant who not only has a college degree but also has the additional skills or practice needed to work with you successfully. Here in the Philippines, finding great personal assistants who are willing to follow your working schedule (even if it means working the night shift) is easy. Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines really helps to free up your time which allows you to focus on your personal expertise. If a secretary or local assistant is too expensive then you should think about proposing this Virtual Assistant option to your boss.

You train and direct how you want your task done. You set time frame, etc.